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Effective Ant Control Techniques in Royse City, Texas

Ant infestations are a common problem in Royse City, Texas. With various types of ants, each with unique habits, controlling these pests requires a thorough understanding and effective techniques. This post provides an in-depth look at the types of ants commonly found in Royse City, their habits, and the ant control methods used by Level Up Pest Control. Additionally, we'll offer practical tips for homeowners to prevent ant infestations.

Types of Ants Commonly Found in Royse City

  1. Fire Ants:

  • Habits: Known for their aggressive behavior and painful stings, fire ants build large mounds in open areas. They are particularly problematic in lawns and gardens.

  • Nesting: Prefer sunny, open areas with moist soil.

  1. Carpenter Ants:

  • Habits: Carpenter ants tunnel through wood to build their nests, which can cause structural damage to homes.

  • Nesting: Typically found in damp or decaying wood, including tree stumps, firewood, and sometimes the structural wood of homes.

  1. Odorous House Ants:

  • Habits: Emit a foul odor when crushed and are attracted to sweet and greasy foods.

  • Nesting: Often nest in walls, floor voids, and around water pipes and heaters.

  1. Argentine Ants:

  • Habits: Form large colonies and are highly adaptable, often invading homes in search of food and water.

  • Nesting: Nest in moist environments, including under mulch, logs, and debris.

Methods Used by Level Up Pest Control

1. Baiting:

  • Ant-Specific Baits: Level Up Pest Control uses bait that is specifically formulated for the type of ant being targeted. Ants carry the bait back to their colony, effectively killing the entire population.

  • Placement: Baits are strategically placed in areas with high ant activity, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

2. Barrier Treatments:

  • Perimeter Sprays: Applying insecticide around the perimeter of a home creates a barrier that prevents ants from entering.

  • Foundation Treatments: Treating the foundation and entry points such as doors and windows helps keep ants out.

3. Targeted Treatments:

  • Crack and Crevice Treatments: Injecting insecticide into cracks, crevices, and other potential entry points where ants are likely to enter or nest.

  • Spot Treatments: Direct application of insecticides to nests and trails for immediate control.

4. Integrated Pest Management (IPM):

  • Inspection and Monitoring: Regular inspections to identify ant species and locate nests.

  • Preventative Measures: Implementing long-term strategies to prevent future infestations, such as reducing moisture and removing food sources.

Tips for Homeowners to Prevent Ants

1. Maintain Cleanliness:

  • Kitchen Hygiene: Clean up food spills promptly, store food in sealed containers, and take out the trash regularly.

  • Pet Food: Store pet food in sealed containers and clean up pet feeding areas after meals.

2. Seal Entry Points:

  • Caulking: Seal cracks and gaps around windows, doors, and foundations to prevent ants from entering.

  • Repairing Screens: Ensure window and door screens are in good condition to keep ants out.

3. Yard Maintenance:

  • Remove Debris: Clear away leaf litter, mulch, and other debris from around the foundation of your home.

  • Trim Vegetation: Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from the house to prevent ants from using them as bridges to enter your home.

4. Eliminate Moisture:

  • Fix Leaks: Repair leaky pipes, faucets, and roofs to reduce moisture that attracts ants.

  • Proper Drainage: Ensure your yard has proper drainage to prevent standing water.

5. Regular Inspections:

  • Professional Inspections: Schedule regular inspections with Level Up Pest Control to catch and address ant problems early.

  • DIY Checks: Regularly check for signs of ant activity, such as trails and nests, and address them promptly.


Ant infestations in Royse City, Texas, can be effectively managed with a combination of professional techniques and homeowner vigilance. Understanding the habits of different ant species and using targeted control methods, such as those employed by Level Up Pest Control, can help keep your home ant-free. By maintaining cleanliness, sealing entry points, managing moisture, and performing regular inspections, homeowners can prevent ant infestations and enjoy a pest-free living environment.

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