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How to Keep Flies Out of Your Home During Summer in Rowlett, TX

Summer in Rowlett, TX, brings warm weather, outdoor activities, and unfortunately, an influx of flies. These pests are not only annoying but can also pose health risks by contaminating food and surfaces. To keep flies out of your home this summer, it’s essential to implement effective prevention strategies. Here are some practical tips to help you maintain a fly-free environment.

1. Maintain a Clean Environment

Cleanliness is the first line of defense against flies.

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean your kitchen and dining areas regularly. Wipe down countertops, sweep floors, and clean up spills promptly to remove food particles and residues that attract flies.

  • Trash Management: Use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids and empty them frequently. Clean the trash cans regularly to eliminate odors that can attract flies.

  • Pet Waste: Clean up pet waste from your yard promptly. Flies are attracted to animal waste, so keeping your yard clean is crucial.

2. Proper Food Storage

Storing food correctly can prevent flies from accessing their food sources.

  • Airtight Containers: Store all food items, including leftovers, in airtight containers. This includes fruits and vegetables that may ripen quickly in the summer heat.

  • Refrigeration: Keep perishable foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, in the refrigerator to slow down the ripening process and deter flies.

  • Cover Food: When serving food outdoors, use mesh food covers to keep flies away from your meals.

3. Seal Entry Points

Prevent flies from entering your home by sealing all possible entry points.

  • Screens: Install or repair window and door screens to ensure there are no holes or gaps. Use fine mesh screens to keep even the smallest flies out.

  • Doors and Windows: Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. Use weatherstripping to seal gaps around doors and windows.

  • Cracks and Gaps: Inspect your home for cracks and gaps in walls, doors, and windows. Seal these openings with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent flies from getting inside.

4. Use Natural Repellents

Natural repellents can be effective in keeping flies at bay without using harsh chemicals.

  • Essential Oils: Flies dislike the scent of certain essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and citronella. Use a few drops of these oils in a spray bottle filled with water and spray around entry points and fly-prone areas.

  • Herbs: Plant fly-repellent herbs such as basil, mint, and bay leaves around your home. These can be placed near windows and doors or in your kitchen.

  • Vinegar Traps: Create homemade fly traps using apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a bowl. The vinegar attracts the flies, and the dish soap traps them.

5. Utilize Fly Traps and Zappers

Fly traps and zappers can help reduce the fly population around your home.

  • Sticky Traps: Place sticky fly paper strips in areas where flies are most active. These traps are effective at catching flies.

  • Light Traps: Use electric light traps to attract and kill flies. These can be placed indoors or outdoors to reduce the fly population.

  • Baited Traps: Commercial baited traps can also be effective in catching flies. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

6. Maintain Your Yard

A well-maintained yard can help prevent flies from breeding and entering your home.

  • Remove Debris: Clear away any decaying organic matter, such as fallen leaves, grass clippings, and compost piles, which can serve as breeding grounds for flies.

  • Proper Drainage: Ensure that your yard has proper drainage to avoid standing water, which can attract flies and other pests.

  • Trim Vegetation: Keep bushes, shrubs, and grass trimmed to reduce hiding spots for flies.

7. Professional Pest Control

If flies continue to be a problem, consider seeking professional help.

  • Regular Inspections: Schedule regular inspections with a professional pest control service. They can identify potential breeding sites and entry points and provide targeted treatments.

  • Preventive Treatments: Professional pest control services can offer preventive treatments to keep flies at bay throughout the summer.


Keeping flies out of your home during the summer in Rowlett, TX, requires a combination of cleanliness, proper food storage, sealing entry points, using natural repellents, and maintaining your yard. By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy a fly-free summer and maintain a clean, healthy living environment. If flies become a persistent problem, don’t hesitate to seek professional pest control assistance to ensure your home remains pest-free.

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