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Protecting Paper Products from Termites in Fate, TX

Termites are a significant threat to homeowners in Fate, TX, as they can cause extensive damage to structures and personal belongings, including paper products. Books, important documents, and other paper-based items can be vulnerable to termite infestations. This blog will provide insights into how to protect your paper products from termites, including proper storage techniques and treatment options.

Why Termites Target Paper Products

Termites feed on cellulose, an organic compound found in plant materials. Paper products, being rich in cellulose, are an attractive food source for termites. Common paper items at risk include:

  • Books: Termites can tunnel through book bindings and pages.

  • Documents: Important documents stored in attics, basements, and other areas.

  • Cardboard Boxes: Often used for storage, cardboard boxes can attract termites.

  • Wallpaper: The paper backing on wallpaper can also be consumed by termites.

Proper Storage Techniques to Protect Paper Products

Implementing proper storage techniques is the first line of defense against termites. Here are some effective methods:

1. Use Plastic Storage Containers

  • Air-tight Containers: Store books, documents, and other paper products in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids to prevent termite access.

  • Off-the-Ground Storage: Keep storage containers off the ground and away from walls to reduce the risk of termite contact.

2. Climate Control

  • Dry Environment: Store paper products in a dry, well-ventilated area. Termites are attracted to moisture, so reducing humidity can help deter them.

  • Dehumidifiers: Use dehumidifiers in storage areas like basements and attics to maintain low humidity levels.

3. Regular Inspection

  • Periodic Checks: Regularly inspect storage areas for signs of termites, such as mud tubes, discarded wings, and frass (termite droppings).

  • Prompt Action: If you find any signs of termites, take immediate action to treat the infestation and protect your paper products.

Treatment Options to Protect Paper Products

In addition to proper storage techniques, there are several treatment options to protect paper products from termites:

1. Termite-Resistant Storage Solutions

  • Treated Shelving: Use shelving made from termite-resistant materials, such as metal or treated wood, to store paper products.

  • Sealed Cabinets: Consider using sealed cabinets with termite-resistant coatings for added protection.

2. Chemical Treatments

  • Boric Acid: Apply boric acid powder to areas where paper products are stored. Boric acid is a natural termite repellent.

  • Termite Sprays: Use termite sprays specifically designed for indoor use around storage areas to create a barrier against termites.

3. Professional Pest Control

  • Regular Inspections: Schedule regular inspections with a pest control professional to detect and treat any termite activity early.

  • Fumigation: In severe cases, fumigation may be necessary to eliminate termites from storage areas and protect your paper products.

Additional Tips for Protecting Paper Products

Here are a few more tips to ensure your paper products remain safe from termites:

1. Avoid Cardboard Storage

  • Use Alternatives: Instead of cardboard boxes, use plastic or metal containers for storing paper products.

  • Inspect Boxes: If you must use cardboard, inspect the boxes regularly and replace any that show signs of damage.

2. Limit Moisture Exposure

  • Keep Dry: Ensure that paper products are kept dry at all times. Avoid storing them in damp areas like basements without proper moisture control.

  • Air Circulation: Ensure good air circulation in storage areas to prevent moisture buildup.

3. Organize and Declutter

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep storage areas clean and clutter-free. Regularly clean and organize to spot any signs of termites early.

  • Document Scanning: Consider scanning and digitizing important documents to reduce the number of paper items susceptible to termite damage.


Protecting paper products from termites in Fate, TX, requires a combination of proper storage techniques and effective treatment options. By using air-tight plastic containers, maintaining a dry environment, regularly inspecting storage areas, and employing termite-resistant solutions, you can safeguard your valuable paper items from termite damage. Stay vigilant and proactive to ensure your books, documents, and other paper products remain safe and secure.

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